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"ix visual exercises"

Ball, Cheryl E. & Arola, Kristin L. (2004). ix: visual exercises [CD-ROM]. Boston: Bedford–St. Martin’s.

This CD-ROM introduces visual rhetoric theories to students and teachers using rhetorical terms with which they are already familiar. It includes visual readings and assignments that students in cultural-studies-focused writing classes are likely to encounter (e.g., advertisements, photographs, comics, illustrations, interactive web movies, etc.). The CD contains nine sections (i.e., “ix”); each section has approximately 20 unique screens of content. Total screen count is approximately 200.ix


  • Update 01/09: Over 95,200 copies of ix have been distributed.

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  • link to CD-ROM website
  • review of CD from “next/text: what happens when textbooks go digital”, a subdivision of the Institute for the Future of the Book (linked to Internet Archive version; site has moved since 2005)
  • review of CD in Computers and Composition
  • email from teacher using ix

"Kairos: The Next Ten Years"

Ball, Cheryl E., Hewett, Beth L. Eyman, Douglas, & Inman, James. (2006). Kairos: The next ten years. Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, Pedagogy, 11(1). http://english.ttu.edu/kairos/11.1/loggingon


Issue art designed by Tracy Bridgeford

Issue art designed by Tracy Bridgeford

The Logging On column in Kairos is equivalent to the editor’s letter in print journals. (This was my first time writing this column after being promoted to Editor.) The column outlines the vision changes that I and my co-editor initiated with the journal (as well as some that the Senior Editors initiated in their new position). Some of those changes include adding new sections that highlight and explain how to read experimental, multimodal scholarship; updating our unique peer-review process (which involves collaboration among 50+ nationally recognized scholars), and more. We also outline the historically focused webtexts published in the anniversary issue.

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