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Special Issue: Sound in/as Compositional Space

Ball, Cheryl E., & Hawk, Byron. (Eds.). (2006, September). Computers & Composition [Special issue: Sound in/as compositional space: A next step in multiliteracies]. 23(3), 263-398.

This special issue addresses the rhetoric of aural and oral modes of communication in writing studies. The articles in this collection vary from exploring the implications of hip-hop sampling on academic citation systems to using pop songs as thesis statements in professional and student-produced movies.

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"Show, Not Tell: The Value of New Media Scholarship"

Ball, Cheryl E. (2004). Show, not tell: The value of new media scholarship. Computers & Composition, 21(4). 403–425.

In this article, I consider the changing nature of publications in relation to technology and tenure, presenting a taxonomy of scholarly publications: online scholarship, scholarship about new media, and new media scholarship. I offer a focused definition of new media texts as ones that juxtapose semiotic modes in new and aesthetically pleasing ways and, in doing so, break away from print traditions so that written text is not the primary rhetorical means. By applying this definition to scholarly online publications, readers can be better prepared to recognize and interpret the meaning-making potential of aesthetic modes used in new media scholarly texts. I conclude by offering an analysis of a scholarly new media text, “Digital Multiliteracies.”

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"Picturing Texts Instructor's Guide"

Ball, Cheryl E. (2004). Picturing Texts instructor’s guide. New York: W.W. Norton (pp. 1-114).

The Instructor’s Guide, which accompanies the Picturing Texts (Selfe, George, Palchek, & Faigley, 2004) composition textbook, suggests starting points for working with the discussion questions, advice to give students about the writing prompts, syllabi for several ways of using the book, and other ideas for working with Picturing Texts.

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  • a review in Kairos
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Computers and Composition


  • Associate Editor, 2003-04 (of note: responsible for copy-editing the 20th anniversary double issue)
  • Assistant Editor, 2000-03


Computers and Composition is a professional journal devoted to exploring the use of computers in composition classes, programs, and scholarly projects. It provides teachers and scholars a forum for discussing issues connected to Image of journal covercomputer use. The journal also offers information about integrating digital composing environments into writing programs on the basis of sound theoretical and pedagogical decisions and empirical evidence.

My role as associate editor of Computers and Composition was to oversee editorial production for the quarterly, print journal. I copy-edited, proofread, and corresponded with authors and publishers at Elsevier and trained new graduate students to copy-edit the journal. C&C was located at  Michigan Technological University until 2005, which is where I worked under the co-editor, Cynthia Selfe.

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