Digital Publishing (Eng 354)

This undergraduate course for publishing majors at Illinois State University focused on digital publishing as a counterpoint to the students’ learning about literary publishing in other classes in the sequence.

In 2010, we studied digital media publishing, including copy-editing processes, within and without content-management systems. Students interviewed professional editors who work in digital media and produced a companion website (in WordPress) for a scholarly book series.

In 2011, we studied the infrastructure and conventions of scholarly publishing in digital spaces, with a particular emphasis on the needs and sustainability of digital media publishing, such as in Kairos. Students’ major project was to mine metadata for every media element published in Kairos then-16-year history. They mined over a million data points, based on 29 Dublin Core metadata fields. Their final reports projected research outcomes from studying the data as well as created best practices for mining metadata in similar journals in the future.


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