WHO AM I? I am a practitioner and scholar of digital publishing and editing, particularly of scholarly multimedia content. This work intersects digital humanities methods and production, the authoring and evaluation of digital media texts, the teaching of academic literacies and publishing practices, and the access and preservation of digital scholarship.

WHAT IS THIS SITE? This personal repository showcases my research in digital publishing, editing, and writing studies and includes all of my research and grant narratives to date in open-access formats (where copyright restrictions allow). I’ve used it periodically throughout my career as a digital tenure portfolio when I was a faculty member.

DO YOU NEED HELP? If you are looking for my digital publishing consulting website, to learn about creating and publishing digital projects or working one-on-one with me, please check out my other website:

NEED MY BIO? If you need additional biographical material or photos, please see the Bio link, under Intro, above.