This teaching portfolio provides snapshots of each course I have taught at Illinois State University and (in Older Entries) Utah State University. The links below will take you to posts that briefly describe each course and provide links to those syllabi. Some of the snapshots from older classes include information such as teaching challenges and innovations—this materials was previously part of my tenure application, and I’ve left it, in case you’re interested.


Editing (602)

Spring 2015 Spring 2017  

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Editing (Eng 302)

A placeholder for WVU PWE course Editing (302) Fall 2014 Fall 2015 Fall 2016  

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Digital Publishing (Eng 354)

This undergraduate course for publishing majors at Illinois State University focused on digital publishing as a counterpoint to the students’ learning about literary publishing in other classes in the sequence.

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Technical Editing (Eng 353)

This course at Illinois State University enrolled primarily publishing majors and some graduate students in professional writing (300-level classes are cross listed). It focused on different “levels of edit”—from offering

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