"ix visual exercises"

Ball, Cheryl E. & Arola, Kristin L. (2004). ix: visual exercises [CD-ROM]. Boston: Bedford–St. Martin’s.

This CD-ROM introduces visual rhetoric theories to students and teachers using rhetorical terms with which they are already familiar. It includes visual readings and assignments that students in cultural-studies-focused writing classes are likely to encounter (e.g., advertisements, photographs, comics, illustrations, interactive web movies, etc.). The CD contains nine sections (i.e., “ix”); each section has approximately 20 unique screens of content. Total screen count is approximately 200.ix


  • Update 01/09: Over 95,200 copies of ix have been distributed.

accompanying materials

  • link to CD-ROM website
  • review of CD from “next/text: what happens when textbooks go digital”, a subdivision of the Institute for the Future of the Book (linked to Internet Archive version; site has moved since 2005)
  • review of CD in Computers and Composition
  • email from teacher using ix