"Uncovering Theories & Practices of Multiliteracies & New Media Pedagogies"

Ball, Cheryl; Atkins, Anthony; Anderson, Daniel; Homicz Millar, Krista; Selfe, Cynthia; & Selfe, Richard. (2004–05). Uncovering Theories & Practices of Multiliteracies & New Media Pedagogies. CCCC Research Initiative Grant: National Council of Teachers of English/Conference on College Composition & Communication. $5,000.

This group conducted a survey to discover what sorts of instruction is happening at institutions with a nascent or established curriculum of multimodal pedagogy especially as it relates to student and faculty production of multimodal texts. Our aim is to produce a snapshot of various programs working to integrate multimodality into their writing classes. From this data, we hope to provide the CCCC audience with a set of standards/guidelines for best practices within this growing field.

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