"Picturing Texts Website"

Ball, Cheryl E. (2004). Picturing Texts [Website]. New York: W.W. Norton.  http://www.picturingtexts.com

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Redefining composition to include conscious attention to images and design, Picturing Texts is a writing textbook that teaches how to compose visual texts as well as how to read them. This Web site is a repository of useful materials for working with the book. It includes online readings, with suggested focus and respond sections [coordinating with the structure of the print book]; guidelines for writing for the Web; links to resources on the Web that will help students do the kind of work invited by Picturing Texts; and more.

This website accompanies the writing/composition textbook Picturing Texts (Selfe, Cynthia; Faigley, Lester, George, Diana; & Palchik, Anna; W.W. Norton, 2004). I wrote the content for 7 interactive chapters and 3 sections of ancillary materials for the website.

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