Data from "Integrating Multimodality"

Anderson, Daniel; Anthony Atkins, Cheryl Ball, Krista Homicz Millar, Cynthia Selfe, Dickie Selfe [Writers], & Matt Bemer [Designer]. (2006). Data from a CCCC research grant survey on teaching multimodal composition. Composition Studies 34(2).

This website accompanies an article appearing in the print version of Composition Studies entitled “Integrating Multimodality in Composition Curricula: Survey Methodology and Results from a CCCC Research Initiative Grant.” In that article the authors provided methodologies and outcomes of a national survey conducted in 2005 to discover how instructors use multimodal composition practices in their writing classrooms and research. Supported by a research initiative of the Conference on College Composition and Communication, the survey was designed to identify instruction in which students and faculty members produce (not just analyze) multimodal texts. The aim of that article is to present a snapshot of instructors working to integrate these new semiotic forms into writing classes. The data in this report includes the questions from and responses to the 141-question survey.

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