"Who needs YouTube?!"

Ball, Cheryl E. [Producer/Director]. (2007, Dec. 11). Who needs YouTube?! Presented at The Normal Theater, Normal, IL.

I produced an end-of-semester showcase for students in my Multimedia Writing Workshop (English 289.22), which was held at the historic Normal Theater. The showcase included a selection of short digital videos in a variety of genres (video poems, music videos, documentaries, memoirs, motifs, etc.) that the students had produced, and a 3-minute introduction I created to contextualize the range of texts. The introduction video, produced using a Mission: Impossible theme, includes original and found (student) footage and was composed using Audacity, Quicktime Pro, iMovie HD, and Final Cut Pro.

accompanying materials

  • Video intro to “Who needs YouTube?!” [Quicktime movie; compressed version]
  • Full 1-hour compilation available upon request.