"Review of NMEDIAC: The Journal of New Media & Culture"

Ball, Cheryl E. (2002). Review of NMEDIAC: The Journal of New Media & Culture. In Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, Pedagogy, 7(3).

NMEDIAC: The Journal of New Media and Culture
is an online, peer-reviewed journal housed on the ibiblio server. The site is “a collaboration between the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill’s MetaLab, formerly known as SunSITE, and the Center for the Public Domain” (“about ibiblio“). The premise of NMEDIAC (pronounced inmediacy) is to publish “papers and audiovisual pieces which contextualize encoding/decoding environments and the discourses, ideologies, and human experiences/uses of new media apparatuses.” It is the journal’s intention to approach writing about new media through a “Cultural Studies and ‘critical Internet Studies’” lenses. When the inaugural issue hit the Web, I hoped the journal would fill a gap in scholarly new media studies. It does prove to do so — if in fits and starts — based on the first two issues.

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