"Teaching The New Work of Composing"

Ball, Cheryl E., & et al. [12 undergraduates]. (2008). Teaching The new work of composing: Undergraduate research in digital scholarship. Teaching-Learning Development Grant, Illinois State University. $2,000.

A unique opportunity has arisen for the students in my English 239 (Multimodal Composition) class; they have been invited to the Thomas R. Watson Conference on Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Louisville this October, where they will collect research to complete their major class projects. The students will interview conference presenters, film and audio-record sessions, and, from that data collection, produce a digital, multimedia-based book chapter for submission to the first “born-digital” scholarly book in English studies, The New Work of Composing. This book is set to be published by the first all-digital, academic press in the humanities, Computers and Composition Digital Press.

The students collected digital assets from the conference and produced 3 digital media texts for a chapter called “Talking Back: Undergraduates and Digital Media Research,” which has been editorially reviewed by the two other editors of The New Work of Composing and accepted for publication.

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