"B-Movie Virgin Sacrifice: Digital Scholarship in a Print-Tenure World"

Ball, Cheryl E. (2009, March 12). B-Movie virgin sacrifice: Digital scholarship in a print-tenure world. Conference on College Composition & Communication, San Francisco, CA.

In this presentation, I respond to pressures that tenure and promotion evaluators do not know how to read digital scholarship (MLA “Evaluating Scholarship” Report, 2006) and do not value the peer-review system used to evaluate digital scholarship (Ball, 2008; Jenson & Olson, 2009). Such devaluation affects the choices that tenure-track scholars make regarding in what media they can and should produce their scholarship (Anderson et al, 2006), which leads to a cycle of non-production and continued non-evaluation of new media. To save hirself from the print-tenure volcano, Speaker 2 foregrounds production as an analytical method by screening a video tutorial composed to help evaluators read new media scholarship.

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