Category: Interviews

  • "Multimodal Composition & the Rhetoric of Teaching"

    citation Mahon, Wade. (2011). Multimodal composition & the rhetoric of teaching: A conversation with Cheryl Ball. Issues in Writing 18(2). abstract Cheryl Ball is an Associate Professor of New Media Studies at Illinois State University where she teaches courses on multimodal composition as well as digital media, composition theory, and digital publishing. She gives talks…

  • Quoted in "Take 20: Teaching Writing"

    citation Taylor, Todd. [Writer/Director]. (2007). Take 20: Teaching writing [DVD]. Boston: Bedford-St. Martin’s. description A one-hour documentary film that interviews 22 rhetoric and composition specialists about the top issues in writing studies and the teaching of writing. This resource is freely available as a professional development resource through Bedford-St. Martin’s Press. accompanying materials trailer (I’m…

  • "Visiting Scholars in Digital Media: Cheryl Ball"

    citation McCorkle, Ben [Producer]. (2007, June 5). Visiting scholars in digital media: Cheryl Ball [Video]. Ohio State University. abstract Short interview (12:29) with Cheryl Ball (Illinois State University), part of the ongoing series featuring Visiting Scholars in Digital Media and Composition at the OSU Department of English. Outline: I. On a digital tenure portfolio.…

  • "Documenting the Process of Building a Digital Tenure Binder"

    citation Interviewed by Genevieve Critel. (2008, February). Documenting the process of building a digital tenure binder [Video]. Intro to Digital Media [course assignment]. Ohio State University. description This hour-long video, in which I was interviewed by Genevieve Critel for her Intro to Digital Media graduate class at OSU, discusses how and why I am preparing…

  • "Digital Media and Digital Scholarship"

    citation by Doug Dangler. (2008, February). Digital media and digital scholarship [Podcast]. Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing: Ohio State University. description A 60-minute audio podcast interview by Doug Dangler (Associate Director for the Center of the Study of Teaching and Writing at OSU) about my work with digital media scholarship. accompanying…

  • Quoted in "On Texts, Tech, and Teens"

    citation Guess, Andy. (2008, April 25). On texts, tech, and teens. Inside Higher Ed. description Interviewed for a news article about the Pew Internet and American Life report on “Writing, Technology, and Teens,” which includes statistics of student/teen use of social networking and texting as part of their writing lives. accompanying materials article

  • Quoted in "Clash of Text Styles"

    citation Coulter, Phyllis. (2008, May 28). Clash of text styles. Pantagraph [Newspaper]. Life/Education section. description A local  article about changing writing habits of students due to increased use of digital technology. accompanying materials opening paragraphs in online archive (registration required for full article)

  • "What is Multimodal Composition?"

    citation Interviewed by Fred Kemp & Rich Rice. (2008, September 5). What is multimodal composition? [Podcast]. Smarttcast. description This 60-minute audio interview, hosted by Drs. Fred Kemp and Rich Rice of Texas Tech University, contains a Q&A about multimodal composition. accompanying materials podcast interview

  • Quoted in "Writing 101: Visual or verbal?"

    citation Lupton, Ellen. (2009, January 13). Writing 101: Visual or verbal? Voice: AIGA Journal of Design. description Interviewed by renowned graphic designer and teacher, Ellen Lupton, on the role of design in first-year writing classes. Voice is the online newsletter of the professional association for design. accompanying materials Lupton’s article