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  • “Building a scholarly multimedia publishing infrastructure”

    citation Ball, Cheryl E. (2017). Building a scholarly multimedia publishing infrastructure. Journal of Scholarly Publishing, 48(2), 99–115. abstract This article provides a preview of Vega, a new scholarly publishing platform in development (set to be released in late 2017). With twenty-plus years of experience publishing scholarly multimedia in the journal Kairos, the author summarizes editorial…

  • “CIWIC, DMAC, and Technology Professional Development in Rhet/Comp” double special issue

    citations DeVoss, Dànielle Nicole; Ball, Cheryl E.; Selfe, Cynthia; & DeWitt, Scott Lloyd. (Eds.). (2015, June). CIWIC, DMAC, and technology professional development in rhetoric and composition [Special issue]. Computers and Composition, 36, 1-66. Ball, Cheryl E.; DeVoss, Dànielle Nicole; Selfe, Cynthia; & DeWitt, Scott Lloyd. (Eds.). (2015, June). CIWIC, DMAC, and technology professional development in…

  • “Multimodal Revision Techniques in Webtexts”

    “Multimodal Revision Techniques in Webtexts”

    citation Ball, Cheryl E. (2013). Multimodal revision techniques in webtexts. Classroom Discourse [special issue: Multimodality]. abstract This article examines how an online, scholarly journal, Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, Pedagogy mentors authors to revise their webtexts (interactive, digital media scholarship) for publication. Using an editorial pedagogy, in which multimodal and rhetorical genre theories are merged with revision…

  • “Genre and transfer in a multimodal composition class”

    citation Ball, Cheryl E.; Fenn, Tyrell; & Scoffield Bowen, Tia. (2013). Genre and transfer in a multimodal composition class. In Carl Whithaus & Tracey Bowen (Eds.) Multimodal literacies and emerging genres in student compositions (pp. 15-36). Pittsburgh, PA: University of Pittsburgh Press. abstract This chapter is about a teacher’s progression through three iterations of a…

  • Quoted in "Clash of Text Styles"

    citation Coulter, Phyllis. (2008, May 28). Clash of text styles. Pantagraph [Newspaper]. Life/Education section. description A local  article about changing writing habits of students due to increased use of digital technology. accompanying materials opening paragraphs in online archive (registration required for full article)

  • "Technobabe Times"

    citation Designer. (2003–04). Technobabe Times [Newsletter]. Michigan Technological University. abstract I was the newsletter designer for this print publication. The newsletter was an on-campus and community feminist publication for women and men who worked with technology, distributing local and national news and local opinions and information about women’s causes such as health care and equality.…

  • "C Literary Magazine"

    citation Production Manager. (2003–04). C Literary Magazine. Michigan Technological University. abstract I started this 64-page, perfect-bound undergraduate literary magazine to publish winners from the campus’s annual undergraduate literary contest. Students in my Publications and Information Management (HU 3630) class created the magazine’s title and design and performed basic editing on the collection. I supervised their…

  • "Synopsis"

    citation Designer/Editor. (2005–06). Synopsis. Utah State University. [2006 Winner of STC Newsletter competition]. abstract Synopsis is the print newsletter for Utah State University’s student chapter of  the Society for Technical Communication. I edited and directed the newsletter design as interim faculty advisor for the group. accompanying materials not available/closed-access

  • "Review of Inside the Communication Revolution"

    citation Ball, Cheryl E. (2003). Review of Inside the communication revolution: Evolving patterns of social & technical interaction, Robin Mansell (Ed.). Journal of Business & Technical Communication, 18, 248–251. accompanying materials not available; closed-access publication

  • "Review of Writing Spaces, 2nd edition"

    citation Ilyasova, Ksenia, & Ball, Cheryl E. (2004). Review of Writing spaces, 2nd ed., by Jay David Bolter. Technical Communication Quarterly, 13, 135–138. abstract self-explanatory accompanying materials Not available; Closed-access publication.