This teaching portfolio provides snapshots of each course I have taught at Illinois State University and (in Older Entries) Utah State University. The links below will take you to posts that briefly describe each course and provide links to those syllabi. Some of the snapshots from older classes include information such as teaching challenges and innovations—this materials was previously part of my tenure application, and I’ve left it, in case you’re interested.


Multimodal Composition (Eng 239)

Multimodal Composition is an upper-division writing elective for all majors at Illinois State University. From 2007 through 2012, I taught this course six times. Started as English 289.33: Multimedia Writing

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Proposal Writing (Eng 356)

This course at Illinois State University is a cross-listed under/graduate course that, during Summer 2011, enrolled upper-division publishing studies students and masters/PhD students in English Studies. I taught it completely

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Multimodal Theory & Pedagogy (Eng 495)

I taught this special topics English Studies graduate course during Spring 2011 at Illinois State University. The first half of the semester focused on theoretical readings of multimodality (e.g., Kress’s

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Teaching Composition (Eng 402)

This graduate course at Illinois State University is required for all teaching assistants assigned to English 101 or 101.10, the first-year writing course. It is a theoretical course about the

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