"Toward a Reading Heuristic for New Media Texts"

Ball, Cheryl E. (under review). Toward a reading heuristic for new media texts. Writing spaces: Readings on writings. http://writingspaces.org/

Using terms familiar to composition, rhetoric, and their related disciplines (i.e., purpose, organization, emphasis, etc.), readers can shift their use of these concepts from written communication to interpret new media texts. I provide a reading of a new media text, “Murmuring Insects” (Ankerson, 2001) to show this transferability in reading new media. The reading and subsequent heuristic that this chapter offers pays attention to the many contexts in which new media texts are produced and read and focuses on interpreting the design elements of a text in relation to its purpose.


  • 4/15/09: Chapter proposal submitted
  • 5/20/09: Chapter proposal accepted
  • 7/15/09: Publication contract received & signed
  • 8/15/09: Chapter submitted to editors
  • 1/10: Expected publication date

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