"Who's the Boss?: Management Structures"

Johnson, Matt; Ball, Cheryl E.; et al. (13 authors). (2008, November 14). Who’s the boss? New Leadership Board of the Economic Development Council, Bloomington-Normal, IL.

In “Future of the Workplace,” The New Leadership Board uncovered the quintessence of younger generational workers and its effects on the workforce: what motivates employees, the future employer, and what the future workplace will be. By addressing the conceptual aspects of how and where these generations work, it opens the discussion for more concrete recommendations, specifically, what can be done, and under what structure would they best work. That which motivates or deters an employee will most certainly affect what management structure they perform best within. Therefore, it is imperative that we acknowledge those characteristics to determine the foundation of our recommendations. In Management Structures, we look first to examine the history and nature of current structures. We will propose our insight and opinions as to the most effective model, and present recommendations, both to the EDC, as well as the general business populace, as to what forms of management structure and what other measures will help guide our economy in the future to greater prosperity.

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